Stone Cleaning & Restoration

We undertake specialist stone repairs and restoration for all types of buildings, including historical and listed buildings.

We use two cleaning techniques for stone cleaning:

Arte Mundit, a latex based paste, is used for interior cleaning. This involves initial vacuuming of the stonework followed by extensive protection applied around the area to be treated. The material is sprayed on to the stonework and once the latex has cured, it is peeled off after 24 hours and the stone surface cleaned with very small amounts of water.

This technique has been applied in St Paul's Cathedral and we are currently applying it to the cleaning of an abbey interior. Sculptures, statues and ornaments made of stone, brick, concrete and marble, can be cleaned using this technique, which gently removes away all dust, grime and build up.

Rotec is a gentle cleaning method for the exterior, particularly used on natural stone, brick, concrete and render. It uses a blasting agent, and sometimes water, rotating through a turbine, which, when in contact with the building, creates a tangential abrasion effect. It is a very gentle, gradual method, ideal for historical buildings, listed buildings and exteriors with stone facades.

Arte Mundit Case Study: St Michael's Abbey
Rotec Case Study: The Cambrian Boat Centre